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An Unforgettable Link

Made in the traditional European wiener style, the blend of all natural pork and beef, paprika, and spices makes for an unforgettable link. It is smoked to perfection and put in sheep casings creates a delicious, fully cooked wiener made with authentic ingredients. In a word, unforgettable.

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An Unforgettable Link

A blend of natural pork and organic beef, this hormone free wiener is one of Charcutnuvo’s best sellers. Made in traditional European style, this wiener hints at its German roots while giving an undeniable American dog. Seasoned with paprika, sea salt, and spices and smoked to perfection, you won’t soon forget this antibiotic and hormone free wiener.

Some things are classics in the party fare and this hotdog is no exception. Made from quality meats grown by US ranchers you get the benefit of European heritage and craftsmanship and Charcutnuvo’s quality control. This cured wiener is nitrated while remaining antibiotic and hormone free. Excellent natural beef and juicy pork are stuffed into sheep casings for a snappy link that is as tasty as it is quality.

If you’re creating your next cookout menu, this wiener is central to your fare. Perfect to prepare for large groups it is not only sold in 16oz packages, but in 10lb cases. We know you have lots to consider when planning your party, the sausage served should not be one of your concerns. This European style, traditional wiener is made with quality ingredients you can trust. This wiener is truly an unforgettable link.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.25 × 2.25 in


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