CharcutNuvo is Pronounced:
Shar – Koot (short for Charcuterie*)
New – Vo (a play on the French word for NEW)

Everyday we aspire to create the best tasting sausage for you to enjoy with your family and friends.Carefully crafted flavors, pure and simple ingredients, and conscientiously sourced HEALTHIER meats not only create better taste, but an honest indulgence that will change how you think about sausage.

Why would anyone make it any other way?

In order to be the best you have to use the best ingredients…

Raised in the USA/Made in the USA. We partner with U.S. Ranchers that ethically raise animals on sustainable farms without the use of antibiotics and hormones. The only exception to our steadfast USA rule is on our bison and elk. Bison is raised in both USA and Canada, and the elk can come from New Zealand if the US market can not support it. We strongly adhere to the belief that animals should be able to live as naturally as possible, which is why we only source Grass-Fed and Grass Finished Beef, and we proudly support ranchers focused on regenerative agriculture.

Our Charcutnuvo Organic Line is certified USDA Organic and are non-GMO.

We never use artificial ingredients, chemicals, or unnecessary fillers such as sugars. Our products are considered the PUREST on the market. Our Organic, All Natural, and Wild Game lines are all free from nitrates and nitrites.

If you have any questions about any of our products or ingredients please contact us through the website contact page or email us at:

Did you know, most sausage companies do not actually make the sausages they sell? Instead they have mega-production facilities manufacturing their products for them and simply put their brand name on them before they ship them out to customers. At Charcutnuvo we believe the only way to produce amazingly delicious and conscientiously made products is to make them ourselves. We have owned and operated our production facility in Denver, Colorado for over 50 years and produce, smoke, package and ship everything out of this one location. That gives us the ultimate control of not only how our products are made, but also allows us to have 100% control of the meat and ingredients that go into them.

We frequently offer public tours to demonstrate the meticulous care and pride we take in our work.

Eric Gutknecht, the Owner and CEO of CharcutNuvo, is a fourth-generation sausage maker. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Eric immigrated to the US at the age of 3. The family settled in Denver, Colorado. Eric purchased the company from his parents in 2003. The 5th Generation is currently on board working on the Production floor.

Over the past 20 years, Eric’s success as an elite athlete has paralleled his accomplishments as a leader in the business community. Through hard work and determination, Eric has become a top 10 world ranked triathlete, is a proud member of Team USA, and has competed in numerous world championships. As well as Twice in Kona. This attention to detail and fierce competitive spirit are evident throughout Charcutnuvo. Never settling for 2nd best, Charcutnuvo’s goal is to be the Greatest Of All Time (the story behind the GOAT in our logo).

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