What is CharcūtNuvo? How is it related to Continental Sausage? What is the difference between the two? What happened to Continental Deli?

Good questions. Let us explain: The Gutknecht and Niedermann families have been manufacturing and selling premium charcuterie products for generations, with retail and manufacturing operations throughout Switzerland. Continental Sausage has been owned by the Gutknecht family since 1982, when Nick and Ursula Gutknecht purchased the company from the previous Swiss owner (Ted Jaeggi). The original location was on Canosa Court, very close to the Broncos Stadium and this original building contained a retail store as well as the production facility. Later on, the well known Continental Deli was moved to Cherry Creek North and the production facility was moved to North Denver, near 75th avenue and Washington street, where it remains today. Continental Deli was sold on December 31st, 2015 and no longer has any affiliation with Continental Sausage Inc. or CharcūtNuvo. The company is now owed and operated by the fourth generation of Gutknecht’s, who continue to honor their European traditions as well as develop new trailblazing flavors that appeal to individuals with adventurous palates and health and wellness-focused lifestyles. In 2016, an extensive expansion of the production facilities was completed and the new CharcūtNuvo brand was created to reflect the company’s evolution.

In short, Continental Sausage is still thriving and a small percentage (1%) of our products are still sold under this older and very well recognized Continental Sausage brand and company name. These offerings include our most traditional European products. We continue to honor our four generations of European heritage as well as current day European practices by producing these products using nitrates and nitrites.

The vast majority (other 99%) of our offerings are categorized and branded as CharcūtNuvo. Our CharcūtNuvo products are never made using nitrates or any other preservatives. Both Continental Sausage Inc. and CharcūtNuvo products do not contain MSG.

Why are most CharcūtNuvo products considered “ALL NATURAL”?  What do the animals eat?
We purchase beef, pork, buffalo, and other meats from quality producers that do not use antibiotics or growth hormones to raise their animals. They are fed a 100% vegetarian diet that does not contain animal by-products. Our pork and beef products are rated Step 1 by the Global Animal Partnership Program (GAP). This is a program that certifies that the pork and beef used in our GAP-rated products are sourced from producers that have a commitment to animal welfare practices. Our producers process and raise their animals under humane growth and processing conditions, further protecting our customers from food-borne outbreaks and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Do your products contain MSG, nitrites, nitrates, or other harmful chemicals?
None of our products contain MSG. CharcūtNuvo branded products, which make up 99% of our product offerings do not contain nitrates, nitrites or any other preservatives. Instead, we use sea salt and celery powder for a natural “curing” process.

Continental Sausage branded items, which make up the other 1% of our products are made with nitrates or nitrites. These offerings include the most traditional European products. Continental Sausage continues to honor our four generations of European heritage as well as current day European practices by producing these few traditional European products that do contain nitrates or nitrites. So in short, we still offer some traditional and time-tested European charcuterie but have also expanded into new trail blazing flavors of both sausages, bratwurst, liverwurst pate and other charcuterie items that are nitrate free. We proudly recommend that people give all these items a chance, however there are plenty of products for every taste pallet and for every discriminating charcuterie-lover.

What types of casings do you use?
We use pork, lamb, and collagen casings for all of our sausage products. Collagen is a beef hide derivative used for our 100% bison wieners.  We use lamb casings for all of our hot dogs and poultry sausages.

How should I prepare your products?  Are they pre-cooked?
All of our products are fully cooked and many are also smoked. This allows for better shelf life and minimizes the threat for foodborne illnesses. We recommend defrosting the product (if frozen), and then cooking them for 5 minutes on each side over medium heat on a grill or in a pan with water. You can also heat the product in hot water on the stove for 5 minutes (not quite boiling), in the oven on low broil for 5 minutes, or even in a microwave using a low power setting for approximately 60 seconds (wrap with a paper towel).

Why do your sausages contain sugar and sea salt?
We use a minimal amount of both sugar and sea salt in our products. The sea salt is necessary to preserve and bind the product. We use approximately ½ of the industry average. Turbinado Sugar is added to all smoked products in order to balance out the flavor and assist with the smoking process. We are consistently experimenting with new methods to further reduce these quantities.

How are allergens used in your facility and which products contain allergens?
We have a very strict allergen program. We produce allergens on specific days at specific times and perform thorough cleaning before and after allergens are used.

Dairy is present in our products that contain cheese or milk:  Bratwurst, Veal Bratwurst, Chipolatas Cocktail Bratwurst, Pheasant and Chicken Sausage, Mac-n-Cheese FurterSmoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst, Smoked Elk and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst, and Smoked Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst.

Gluten is present in: British Style Bangers (sourdough bread), Mac-n-Cheese Furters (organic wheat noodles), and Tommyknocker Beer Bratwurst (Beer).

Pistachio Nuts are an ingredient in our Golden Liverwurst (paté).

We do NOT use fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, or peanuts in our facility.

Where are you located?
We are located in Denver, CO. All of our products are made by us in our own production facility. We do not use third party manufacturers. We can not sell products to the general public from our facility; we can only sell to established wholesale accounts out of our facility. Of course, you can buy our products online here.

How will my order be packaged?
Orders are packaged in boxes containing insulated compostable liners. Products are shipped frozen to guarantee safe arrival. Dry ice (packed in bags), re-usable gel packs, and compostable packing peanuts are used to maintain cool product temperatures. It is not uncommon for the dry ice to be fully evaporated when the order arrives. Your order should arrive cool-to-the-touch. Please do not handle dry ice with bare hands as this can burn your skin.

How are shipping options determined?
Our products should not be in transit for longer than 3 days. Therefore, if the Ground service of FedEx requires more than 3 days to ship from our factory in Denver to your address, we must ship by FedEx Next Day, 2 Day, or 3 Day service in order to ensure that your product arrives cool-to-the-touch.

How are the shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges include the FedEx charge and a small shipping and handling charge to cover the cost of the insulated cooler box and the required dry ice and/or gel packs. We do not up charge for the cost of shipping but simply passes on our direct FedEx and refrigeration costs. Please understand that we must use a box with eco liners, as well as dry ice and gel packs in every FedEx shipment in order to ensure that the product arrives cool-to-the-touch. Therefore, buying one package of product compared to 10+ packages still requires the same amount of packaging and refrigeration so it is in every customers best interest to purchase more items at the same time. We recommend purchasing at least 10 lbs of product at a time so that you can maximize efficiencies and, in turn, minimize your shipping charges.

What if I want to send this order as a gift?
Please indicate that you prefer to send this order as a gift during checkout. We will charge your credit card and send only the gift card and packing list to the recipient. The packing slip contains no price information. You will receive a copy of the invoice in your email. We also offer two types of gift cards: 1) physical gift cards that can be mailed to the you or the recipient and 2) electronic gift cards that are emailed to the recipient.

Can you ship to my P.O. Box?
Unfortunately no, we can only ship by FedEx to physical addresses and can not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can my order arrive on Saturday?
FedEx can deliver to residential addresses on Saturday for a nominal charge. FedEx does not delivery to commercial or business addresses on Saturday.

Once I place an order, when will it ship out?
Most orders ship out from Monday through Wednesday every week. This allows ample time for FedEx to deliver your order by the end of the week.  Due to the perishable nature of our products, we can not ship orders over the weekend.

When will you charge my credit card?
Your credit card will be charged when you place the order.

Do you offer a facility pickup option?
Yes, for the convenience of all Colorado customers, we offer the option to pickup orders for free at our production facility. This option is available to anyone that enters a Colorado zip code during checkout. Please read more information about our free local pickup and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Once I receive the product, how long will it last?
We recommend that you consume or freeze the product within a few days. Please keep in mind that our products are ALL NATURAL and are not preserved. The product can be stored frozen for up to 6 months.