CharcutNuvo  =  Pronounced Shar – Koot (short for Charcuterie) + Nuvo (a play on the French word for NEW)


CHARCUTERIE = The craft of smoking, curing, salting or drying various meats.

“A friend of mine told me about CharcutNuvo with so much enthusiasm, I had to try it. She was right. It’s so good that I serve it to my family regularly – they really look forward to it. And it’s so easy for me to prepare, and that’s a real win in my struggle to keep dinner interesting.”
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We are 100% committed to changing the way classic charcuterie is made and what it can taste like.

We love taking guests on tours to give them a first-hand experience of how our products are made.

Our products appeal to individuals with adventurous palates and health and wellness-focused lifestyles.

Our distinctive flavor combinations consistently surprise and delight.

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