Veal Bratwurst (100% Veal)

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Velvety Veal

Our all natural all-veal bratwurst is made with 100% humanely raised veal, resulting in a mildly flavored, soft-textured fully cooked brat. Our all-natural sausage links are made with consciously sourced, quality meats and all natural ingredients that contain zero hormones, antibiotics, added sugars or gluten for a velvety veal sausage.

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Velvety Veal

Our 200-year-old recipe, served at Oktoberfest celebrations all over the United States, put Charcutnuvo on the map. When you taste these all natural veal brats you’ll understand why. Made with 100 % humanely raised veal, and mixed with 2% milk which gives it a fine texture, buttery flavor, and browns up nicely on the grill. A mildly flavored, soft-textured bratwurst is made with only the most authentic ingredients.

These all-natural veal sausage links are made with consciously sourced, quality meats and real, quality ingredients that contain zero added sugars, hormones, antibiotics, or gluten. That’s because at Charcutnuvo we never use artificial ingredients and our sausages don’t contain nitrites or nitrates. Because each sausage comes fully cooked to perfection, you can have an easy, delicious meal ready in minutes. Both healthy and fast for a high protein, delicious snack.
Turn any gathering into an Oktoberfest celebration. Picnics, office parties, or dinner with family and friends can have a themed menu by serving our high-quality, hormone free USA-raised veal sausage. We are so sure you’ll love it we off a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Nothing says gourmet like a veal sausage. Nothing says healthy like an all natural brat. Put these two into the same sausage product and you get a velvety veal bratwurst like no other. Available in 10 oz packs (4 x 2.5oz) and 10lb cases (40 x 4oz)

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