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A cured version of our knackwurst, this sausage uses fine ground all natural pork and all natural beef. Better known as Cervelas to the Swiss, this organic sausage is enhanced with garlic and stuffed in a beef casing. An all natural product that is nothing but quality meat, this really is knackwurst at its best.

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These knackwurst contain our best meats with beef and pork for an excellent sausage that you can’t beat. Better known as Cervelas to the Swiss, this antibiotic and hormone free sausage consists of fine ground pork and grass-fed beef. These organic knackwurst are then enhanced with garlic and stuffed in a beef casing. There is nothing but delicious texture and flavor to these sausages.

Styled after sausages of Germany and Switzerland, these all natural knackwurst offer Charcutnuvo’s generations of sausage making craftsmanship with contemporary standards of quality and health. These cured sausages contain nitrates, but are gluten free, milk free, antibiotic and hormone free. The beef and all natural pork doesn’t travel from Europe. These meats are sourced with ranchers here in the USA. European technique pairs with American meat for the very best knackwurst.

We know people love these all natural European style sausages so we offer them to you in both the 12oz package and 10lb case. A finely ground sausage that will please everyone at your next gathering. When they ask what you are serving, you can reassure your guests that these are not just any knackwurst, they are the best, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free knackwurst.

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