Continental Brand Liverwurst

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Our all natural liver paté is made with all natural, 100% pork. The coarsely ground liver makes for a spreadable paté and the healthiest and most flavorful version of pork liver on the market. This is your go-to paté for the discerning consumer and palette.

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Don’t save paté for the once in a blue moon event. With this all natural, spreadable pork liverwurst, you can make organic liver paté a regular rotation on your charcuterie board. The balance of marjoram and sea salt adds flavor and texture while the gluten free, milk free guarantee, will allow you to include it on any party platter no matter your guests’ dietary restrictions.

Serve this pork liver spread with crackers and toasted bread and you have an easy yet distinguished appetizer that will start your evening with an unforgettable flair. You’ll be happy to know your antibiotic free and hormone free pork hasn’t traveled far to get to your table. All of these natural ingredients are brought to you by sustainable U.S. ranchers and farmers. A taste of Europe while made in the USA with confidence.

Our natural liverwurst is the epitome of Charcutnuvo’s products. With the distinct flavors and spices of the Old World and the fresh organic guarantee of the New World it is natural meat at it’s party best. Available in a 12 oz. chub, you will soon be buying in multiples as you make this your go-to spread, moving any party into a soiree.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

12oz, 10pc Retail Case


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