Organic Mini Beef Franks

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Small but Mighty

An all natural, organic mini beef frank that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Made from organic grass-fed beef, these small sausages are packed with nutrients and flavor. Though they are .5oz per frank, they are still made with all organic ingredients and organic beef. The ultimate party food.

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Small but Mighty

Don’t let the size fool you, these all beef mini franks are packed with flavor. The organic beef is the quality you are looking for in any organic sausage, regardless of its size. Easy to prepare for those with small appetites, discerning parents can feel confident when serving up these all natural sausages.

Filled with things you want, organic beef, sea salt, organic vinegar and spices, these little franks are nitrate free, nitrite free, GMO free, and antibiotic hormone free. Made without casings for a 100% beef product. The all natural beef is raised in U.S. ranches, and is USDA certified organic. Confidence in quality ingredients gives these mini sausages all you need. Though they are small, they are mighty.

The ultimate party food, the mini franks are perfect for appetizers, small portions, and large crowds. Delicious all on their own or with a dipping sauce or wrapped in dough, you don’t skimp on tast with these organic bite-sized franks. They come in either an 8oz pack or a 10lb pack to feed any size party. Whether you’re serving them with a toothpick or wrapped in dough for pig-in-a-blanket, your guests will be sure to enjoy these all natural, organic mini franks made from organic grass fed beef

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.25 in

8oz, 8pk Retail Case


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