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A coarsely chopped, German style cold cut, you may mistake it for bologna. Fully cooked and smoked, this deli meat is made with pork, beef, and veal and has a pronounced garlic flavor. Made in the USA, it is your new favorite cold cut meat available in 2lb tubes for slicing and enjoying on your next sandwich.


Jagdwurst Is The Best

If you find bologna to be boring, you may be unknowingly craving jagdwurst. A fully cooked and smoked cold cut made from pork, beef, and veal, this deli meat is like none you’ve tried before. This smoked meat is seasoned with salt, has a pronounced garlic flavor, and is coarsely chopped giving it a hearty texture.

Brought to you by Colorado’s Charcutnuvo, this garlicky treat brings the taste of Germany without traveling far. With pork, beef, and veal grown on ranches here in the U.S., this is like no sandwich meat you’ve had before. “Jagdwurst” means “hunting meat” in German because every bite gives you that meat-packed flavor produced from the various meats. In keeping with German Tradition, we use a minimal amount of nitrites to cure the product and give it it’s color. You may not be familiar with the name jagdwurst, but you won’t soon forget the flavor and texture this precooked meat gives your next sandwich.

Serve it sliced with cheese and crackers while you watch the game or use it as a sandwich meat to pack to work or school school. It comes in a 2lb tube that is 2.5 in. in diameter ready to be sliced to desired thickness. However you cut it, you’ll know it is your new favorite cold cut that you can’t find in your grocery store deli.

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