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Organic All Beef Franks:  (2)   The Frank for Everyone It’s time to pull out the grill or gather round the campfire. Everyone’s looking forward to a traditional frank and you want to make sure it’s organic and free of antibiotics, hormones, gluten, sugars, casgins, nitrates, and nitrites. The perfect frank, this uncured all beef frank doesn’t disappoint anyone. From moms reading labels to kids asking for more ketchup, these all natural franks will be a summer staple. Let’s look at what’s inside these Paleo friendly franks. Organic, grass fed beef, water, organic potato starch, sea salt, organic onions, organic vinegar, organic paprika, organic garlic, other organic spices, and cultured celery powder. All wholesome ingredients that set it apart from the standard hotdog. No more wondering what’s inside your frank. You now have the all natural, organic alternative to the hotdog. For the backyard barbeque to the big game tailgate, you will make sure everyone celebrates with organic uncured all beef franks. We’ve taken away the mystery of what makes up the dog and assure you this is the best option for the discerning griller. Grab the mustard and ketchup, put some buns to toast on the fire, the frank for everyone is ready for you to serve up.


Bison Wieners:  (2)   Wild Game Bison Wieners- Fully Cooked and Smoked, Uncured Sausage Links – Paleo and Grass-Fed – No Antibiotics, Hormones, Gluten, Dairy or Sugar – No Nitrites or Nitrates.REAL, AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS: Our lean bison hot dogs are made with consciously sourced, grass-fed U.S. and Canadian bison and real, quality ingredients that contain zero hormones, antibiotics, gluten, sugar, or dairy. We never use artificial ingredients and our sausages don’t contain nitrites or nitrates. GREAT TASTE FOR ANY DISH: Our protein-packed wieners taste great and contain hints of mustard and black pepper and can be enjoyed as a hotdog, or as the main ingredient in your next favorite dish. SLICE AND SERVE: Each sausage comes fully cooked and smoked to perfection, so you can have an easy, delicious meal ready in minutes. THE ULTIMATE SAUSAGE SNACK: Take gatherings, picnics, office parties, or with family and friends to the next level with our high-quality and grass-fed sausage.


Organic Mac N Cheese:   Kid Tested. Mom Approved. Kids say “yes” to mac-n-cheese and hot dogs. They definitely give a “yes” to the two combined. This organic hotdog made from grass-fed beef, pork, stuffed with white organic cheddar, and whole organic macaroni noodles serves up the classic tradition of adding cut up hot dogs to macaroni and cheese. While kids like the taste, moms feel good about what is and isn’t in these organic hotdogs. There are no nitrates, nitrites, or preservatives. There’s no sugar added, Only organic pork and beef raised in the USA. A culinary masterpiece, this a big hit with the whole family. Fry them up in a pan, steam them in a pot, or throw them on the grill. Within minutes you’ll have an all natural meat furter with unexpected bonus ingredients. Get ready to put a few packages in your cart. These organic uncured hotdogs are available in 10oz packs with four dogs per pack and the family will be ready to gobble them up. An all organic hotdog with organic noodles and organic white cheddar cheese has kids giving the thumbs up and moms filling the shopping cart. An organic family favorite.


Organic Mini Franks: Small but Mighty Don’t let the size fool you, these all beef mini franks are packed with flavor. The organic beef is the quality you are looking for in any organic sausage, regardless of its size. Easy to prepare for those with small appetites, discerning parents can feel confident when serving up these all natural sausages. Filled with things you want, organic beef, sea salt, organic vinegar and spices, these little franks are nitrate free, nitrite free, GMO free, and antibiotic hormone free. Made without casings for a 100% beef product. The all natural beef is raised in U.S. ranches, and is USDA certified organic. Confidence in quality ingredients gives these mini sausages all you need. Though they are small, they are mighty. The ultimate party food, the mini franks are perfect for appetizers, small portions, and large crowds. Delicious all on their own or with a dipping sauce or wrapped in dough, you don’t skimp on tast with these organic bite-sized franks. They come in either an 8oz pack or a 10lb pack to feed any size party. Whether you’re serving them with a toothpick or wrapped in dough for pig-in-a-blanket, your guests will be sure to enjoy these all natural, organic mini franks made from organic grass fed beef


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