Chicken and Pheasant Sausage

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A delightful chicken sausage

Our delicate pheasant and chicken sausage is perfectly blended with spinach, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese for a gluten free bratwurst with no antibiotics, hormones, nitrites, or preservatives. A tasty alternative to the bland chicken sausage, this juicy ground sausage is sure to delight.

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A delightful chicken sausage

Not your typical poultry sausage. Our famous pheasant and chicken sausage has it all: juicy button mushrooms, chunks of spinach, and a nice blend of parmesan. It is both lean and extremely flavorful. You know these all natural ingredients will help you sneak in those veggies while offering hormone free, quality meat to your family.

Available in the 10oz package with 4 links for a night home with the kids or in the 10lb package with 4oz links to have ready for the next birthday party. We want you to feel good about the sausage meat you are feeding the family and the crowds. That’s why we make sure you are getting poultry sausage that will delight whoever is at your dinner table.

Of course, our favorite way to eat this bratwurst sausage is at the center of the plate, but don’t be afraid to enjoy it as a delightful surprise in a salad or pasta dish! Unlike other bland chicken sausage, our fully cooked pheasant sausage makes it the grown-up chicken sausage notable for the most discerning palettes.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.75 × 3.75 in

10lb, 10oz, 8pk Retail Case


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