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Organic Breakfast Links  Our antibiotic and hormone free pork breakfast links are the all natural way to add some organic meat to your first meal of the day. A wonderful combination of super lean pork with sage and a hint of pepper gives these organic breakfast sausages the clean way to start your day. Dipped in a little maple syrup from the flapjacks on your plate and you’ll find the perfect savory, sweet combo.

Smoked Bratwurst  Made from simple ingredients of natural pork, beef, water, potato starch, sea salt, vinegar, spices, paprika, and celery powder, you know exactly what you’re eating. You also know where the meat has come from. U.S. raised smoked pork and beef give this European staple an American guarantee. This is an antibiotic free, hormone free, gluten free, and milk free brat whose rich flavor and quality components make it a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Knackwurst  These knackwurst contain our best meats with beef and pork for an excellent sausage that you can’t beat. Better known as Cervelas to the Swiss, this antibiotic and hormone free sausage consists of fine ground pork and grass-fed beef. These organic knackwurst are then enhanced with garlic and stuffed in a beef casing. There is nothing but delicious texture and flavor to these sausages.

Organic Chicken Apple  A family favorite, this fully cooked chicken sausage offers parents a quick and easy way to put some organic chicken on the table. Warm it and slice it for a snack or put it on the grill for a more traditional sausage in a bun. Either way your kids will say “yes” to the sweet flavor the organic apples give and you will say “yes” to the no sugar added.

Fleischkaese (2Lb)  One bite of this Fleischkaese will transport you to Austria, Switzerland, or the South of Germany. A traditional baked loaf made from finely chopped beef, veal, and pork, you can get creative in how you prepare and serve this all natural delicacy. Whether you know it as Swiss Brand Loaf, Leberkaese, or Fleischkaese, you can pan fry a slice with eggs for a traditional Swiss treat or eat it on a sandwich. We can’t predict how you will prepare it, but we do know you’ll love lean ingredients and undeniable flavor.

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