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5 x 10oz packs. This set includes:

Organic Beef Franks: It’s game time, and it’s Grass-Fed, Kids love these, moms and dads too.  Lean and clean, families love the fact that they can serve organic franks at neighborhood grill outs and game time tail-gaiting.

Organic Hot Links Sausage: HOT, lean and clean, Grass-Fed, The habanero in this super lean 100% all beef sausage will leave an impression. The right choice when you want the heat.

Organic Paleo Smoked Beef Bratwurst: Oktoberfest 365 days a year, Grass-Fed No need to go to Munich for an Oktoberfest smoked brat.  This popular 4th generation recipe has been pleasing Germans and sausage lovers for decades.

Organic Beef Andouille: The Bayou loves beef, Grass-Fed, 100% Beef. Cayenne and crushed red pepper flakes create some heat, but not too much. Customers are surprised by how well this does in Jambalaya and Creole dishes.

Organic Paleo Beef Polish: Polish people love garlic. Grass-Fed, Coarse, but not chunky, this product has strong flavor up front and garlic undertones at the back end…a perfect balance.

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