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The Gutknecht and Niedermann families have been manufacturing and selling premium charcuterie products for generations, with retail and manufacturing operations throughout Switzerland.

In 1982, the family made its entry into the U.S. market by taking over an existing Swiss mom-and-pop sausage company located in Denver, Colorado. Their business quickly became a favorite destination for local European customers and others who craved the wide array of authentic, old-world, European-style charcuterie products that the Gutknechts so lovingly produced.

Over time, demand for the Gutknecht’s unique and increasingly hard-to-find traditional European products grew well beyond the confines of its deli. In 2003, a member of the family’s fourth generation, Eric Gutknecht, along with his wife, Jessica, decided to purchase the business from Eric’s parents and establish systems and large-scale operations to support significant expansion into major retail accounts. Whole Foods Market and Costco were two of those first major accounts.

Both of those retailers encouraged Continental to dial up its unique flavor combinations to meet their customers’ increasingly adventurous taste preferences. Smoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst? Mac-n-Cheese Furter? Bring ’em on! Those retailers also recognized that the company exceeds the industry standards for the highest quality ingredient selection and sourcing and are hyper-vigilant about being as all-natural and “better-for-you” as possible.

Eric and Jessica, along with their dedicated and growing team, took on those challenges with gusto. The company’s sales increased by more than 500%. Continental Sausage became a staple of the most discriminating charcuterie-lovers. And the community and the industry took notice.

In 2015, Continental Sausage, Inc. decided to shift its entire focus to manufacturing, in order to make its products available throughout the U.S. By the end of 2015, Eric and Jessica had doubled the size of their manufacturing plant, sold their family’s deli in Cherry Creek, and rebranded the vast majority (99%) of their product line as “CharcūtNuvo” calling out their mission of “Redefining Classic Charcuterie.” The other 1% of products are sold under the Continental Sausage Inc. brand.




Our products are ultra-premium sausages, brats, patés and other classic charcuterie products that are manufactured in small batches. 

Our products appeal to an increasingly discriminating charcuterie-lover who’s got an adventurous palate and a health and wellness-focused lifestyle. 

The proteins we source are always humanely and sustainably raised on family farms. 

Our vegetables and fruits are always organic. 

CharcūtNuvo branded products never ever use nitrates, nitrites or any other preservatives. Instead, we use sea salt and celery powder for a natural “curing” process. CharcūtNuvo branded products make up 99% of all product offerings.

Continental Sausage Inc. branded products make up the other 1% of products. These offerings include the most traditional European products. Continental Sausage Inc. continues to honor their four generations of European heritage as well as current day European practices by producing these few traditional European products that do contain nitrates or nitrites.

Both Continental Sausage Inc. and CharcūtNuvo branded products DO NOT contain MSG.

We precisely chop our ingredients for better texture and optimal flavor distribution.

We only use natural casings—never plastic or cellulose.

Our products are dairy-free except for the items that actually contain milk (like our Bratwurst) or cheddar cheese
(like our Smoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst). See product packaging for details.

Most of our products are gluten-free. Our British Style Bangers, Beer Brats and Mac-n-Cheese Furters are not gluten free. 
See product packaging for details.

Our products are NOT Kosher; we use pork and pork casings in most products.

All of our products are fully cooked. Many are also smoked. There are many benefits in fully cooking our sausage. They last longer in the refrigerator or freezer and eliminates the worry about whether the product is cooked enough to consume.


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As CEO of Continental Sausage, Inc., Eric oversees all strategic, operational and production activities for the company. Eric is fiercely driven to ensure that the company is always optimizing its operational efficiencies to be in sync with its short- and long-term growth plans, while maintaining the highest levels of quality around ingredient sourcing, flavor innovation, and manufacturing standards.  READ MORE >




As CFO of Continental Sausage, Inc., Jessica oversees all financial and administrative human resources activities for the company. In addition to operating as CFO, Jessica is the key driver of the company’s very distinct and award-winning workplace culture and its reputation for excellence in customer care.  READ MORE >

Continental Sausage, Inc. is a wonderful place to work. We believe in practicing the HUMAN TOUCH: We treat and interact with others the same way we wish to be treated. It is one of our Core Values. 

The entire staff takes pride in the quality of products we manufacture. Many of our employees have been with us for years and we experience very little turnover.

Many visitors comment on the general happiness and enthusiasm they see while our people are working.

All the accolades and media attention would not be possible without such a strong team.

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In 2015, we more than doubled the size of our facility. Our freezer and cooler capacity is now 10 times larger.

We do our best to source raw materials within 500 miles.

We have a very strict recycling and re-purposing program.

We use closed smokehouse systems in order to minimize carbon emissions.

We perform energy audits every year in order to find new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

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