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Coarse, but not chunky, this organic Polish sausage has strong flavor up front and garlic undertones at the back end…a perfect balance. Made with organic grass-fed beef and spices, it is pure in the purest sense of the word. Organic and simple ingredients to bring a beef Polish sausage to your table.

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Pure Polish

Nothing is as pure as organic grass-fed beef, water, sea salt, and organic spices. That’s all you get with our Organic Paleo Beef Polish sausage. Pure ingredients and pure Polish taste to offer you the best all natural sausage around.

Coarsely ground beef gives this organic sausage it’s traditional coarse texture without being chunky. You won’t want to miss the all organic ingredients. From grass fed organic beef to organic garlic and organic spices, it’s an all natural experience with every bite. Free from antibiotics and hormones, gluten, sugars, GMOs, nitrates, and nitrites. The Paleo diet welcomes this purely Polish all natural sausage as well. Nothing says pure ingredients like Paleo does.

The garlicky flavor pairs well in all kinds of meals. From a straight off the grill and into the bun cookout to the sliced and sauteéd in the skillet, the all natural polish sausage will give you exactly what you’re looking for. The organic grass-fed beef gives you peace of mind that you’re serving your family or your guests only the best quality meat. The organic spices give it the flavor that will round out the goodness. All of the essentials, but none of the extras, this regenerative organic certified beef polish sausage is purely good and the taste confirms it.

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