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A Sandwich Treat

Our lyoner is a finely chopped, German style cold cut made with pork, beef and veal. Like jagdwurst, lyoner resembles bologna and is most commonly enjoyed as a sandwich deli meat or on a charcuterie platter and can be sliced from its 2lb piece for various thickness.


A Sandwich Treat

Lyoner has German roots but is made here in the USA by Charcutnuvo with its finely chopped pork, beef, and veal for a delicious cold cut. Our lyoner comes in a 2lb piece that is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. Ready to be sliced for a sandwich, cubed to join a cracker and cheese tray, or both for a charcuterie platter. Versatile in presentation, yet classic in flavor.

This delicious cold cut comes vacuum packed and frozen to you. Save it for a special get together, or thaw it right away, this German style meat can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Though you will choose when and how to serve it, you won’t have to worry about whether this beef, veal, and pork cold cut will be well received. Everyone loves a lyoner and your crew won’t be an exception.

We can’t talk about the lyoner and not cover the sandwich. A perfect cold cut meat for any sandwich, it will be ready for lunch on the go. A tasty protein lunch meat, this is a must on the cold cut rotation. Lyoner is not found at the grocery store deli though. Charcutnuvo brings you the German style lunch meat not found just anywhere. Don’t let your sandwich go without lyoner. It is indeed a sandwich treat.

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