Smoked Pork and Elk Bratwurst

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The Outdoorsman’s Bratwurst

This brat is a unique combination of All Natural pork and elk with a smoky flavor reminiscent of sitting by the campfire. A natural sausage sure to please the game loving foodie in your home while also offering the clean ingredient guarantee the Charcutnuvo brand is famous for.

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The Outdoorsman’s Organic Bratwurst

Who doesn’t appreciate a natural pork and elk sausage without the work of the hunting trip? The smoky flavor and all natural meat you look for in the outdoors, comes to your kitchen, packaged and ready for dinner. We’ve done the work of finding antibiotic and hormones free pork and natural elk meat and preparing it for that unmistakable smoked bratwurst sausage savory taste.

We keep the ingredients simple with natural pork, elk, water, and seasonings in pork casings. These natural ingredients are packed with a smoked meat that every outdoorsman craves, but are free from gluten, sugars, dairy, nitrates, and nitrites. You can feel just as confident with the natural meat in these brats as you can with elk meat from the wild, but these wild game brats are much easier to find and prepare.

At Charcutnuvo every pork bratwurst sausage is made with you in mind. We know you are looking for brats made with antibiotic and hormones free pork and wild game. These smoked pork and elk bratwurst are just for you. When you buy natural sausage like these, you are guaranteed the high quality of the meat with a taste of the wild. It’s not every day you can find smoked brats this good without pulling out the smoker yourself. You deserve this kind of quality.

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