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5 x 10oz packs. This set includes:

Pheasant and Chicken Sausage: Not your typical poultry sausage, Our famous pheasant and chicken sausage has it all: juicy button mushrooms, chunks of spinach, and a nice blend of parmesan.  It is lean and extremely flavorful.

NOTE: This product contains milk. This product is gluten free.

Organic Chicken Apple: How do you like them apples?, A dash of sweetness from fresh apples creates a simple, yet flavorful lean chicken option for grill outs or a simple center of the plate meal that can be prepared in minutes.

NOTE: This product is gluten free and milk free.

Organic Chicken Spinach: Spinach is healthy, tastes great too, Large chunks of spinach and small pieces of organic chives, combined with strong herbs and spices, makes this super lean chicken sausage a popular choice for families.

NOTE: This product is gluten free and milk free.

Organic Chicken Italian: Italian Pasta lovers delight, No need to go to Rome for a taste of Italy.  Strong in fennel, this Italian style chicken sausage is super lean and is great in a pasta dish or can be served as the main coarse.



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