Organic Uncured Macaroni and Cheese Furter

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Kid Tested. Mom Approved.

An organic hotdog containing organic grass-fed beef, organic pork, succulent chunks of white cheddar, and whole organic macaroni noodles makes this uncured furter the one both moms and kids reach for. It’s as much about what’s not in there as what is. No nitrates, nitrites, GMOs, or added sugar gives this all natural hotdog the mom stamp of approval.


Kid Tested. Mom Approved.

Kids say “yes” to mac-n-cheese and hot dogs. They definitely give a “yes” to the two combined. This organic hotdog made from grass-fed beef, pork, stuffed with white organic cheddar, and whole organic macaroni noodles serves up the classic tradition of adding cut up hot dogs to macaroni and cheese.

While kids like the taste, moms feel good about what is and isn’t in these organic hotdogs. There are no nitrates, nitrites, or preservatives. There’s no sugar added, Only organic pork and beef raised in the USA. A culinary masterpiece, this a big hit with the whole family. Fry them up in a pan, steam them in a pot, or throw them on the grill. Within minutes you’ll have an all natural meat furter with unexpected bonus ingredients.

Get ready to put a few packages in your cart. These organic uncured hotdogs are available in 10oz packs with four dogs per pack and the family will be ready to gobble them up. An all organic hotdog with organic noodles and organic white cheddar cheese has kids giving the thumbs up and moms filling the shopping cart. An organic family favorite.

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