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Bratwurst Made with Pork and Veal (2): Our most popular product, a white all natural Bratwurst made with pork and veal. This traditional Oktoberst style brat goes by many names: Weisswurst, Bratwurst, White Bratwurst, White Hots, or Kalbs Bratwurst. It has a fine and delicate texture and buttery flavor containing all natural pork, veal, spices and milk. From the office party to the tailgate, this white brat is your go-to crowd pleaser. For authentic german style preparation, poke tiny holes in the casing and grill over medium heat until they are perfectly browned.

Smoked Bratwurst: Known as Schueblig in Switzerland, this smoked and cooked blend of grass fed beef, pork and spices, gives you the all natural classic bratwurst you are looking for. Ready to be put on the grill for a backyard party, nothing says a casual group feast like our Smoked Bratwurst. Made from simple ingredients of natural pork, beef, water, potato starch, sea salt, vinegar, spices, paprika, and celery powder, you know exactly what you’re eating. You also know where the meat has come from. U.S. raised smoked pork and beef give this European staple an American guarantee. This is an antibiotic free, hormone free, gluten free, and milk free brat whose rich flavor and quality components make it a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Knackwurst: These knackwurst contain our best meats with beef and pork for an excellent sausage that you can’t beat. Better known as Cervelas to the Swiss, this antibiotic and hormone free sausage consists of fine ground pork and grass-fed beef. These organic knackwurst are then enhanced with garlic and stuffed in a beef casing. There is nothing but delicious texture and flavor to these sausages.

Wieners: A blend of natural pork and organic beef, this hormone free wiener is one of Charcutnuvo’s best sellers. Made in traditional European style, this wiener hints at its German roots while giving an undeniable American dog. Seasoned with paprika, sea salt, and spices and smoked to perfection, you won’t soon forget this antibiotic and hormone free wiener.

Frankfurters: A true German classic, this frankfurter is one you’ll serve at every cookout and birthday party from this point forward. Made with all natural beef pork, then seasoned with organic nutmeg and smoked to perfection, it is ready for some ketchup and mustard and the crowds to enjoy. Fire up the grill because these frankfurters are not going to cook themselves and your people are hungry!

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