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If all-natural sausage is what you’re looking for, Charcutnuvo is your sausage supplier. With 16 varieties of natural sausages to choose from, you get a selection of flavors without sacrificing quality. From bison to antelope, pork to chicken, you can try exotic game and comfort-food in one sampler. For only $55 you are getting a deal on this all-natural meat selection that will make everyone in your group happy for lots of reasons.


Jackalope: The pork, antelope, and rabbit found in this all-natural brat offers a rich flavor. The added blend of sweet cherries and spice of habanero gives it an unexpected sweet kick. This fully cooked sausage is hormone free, antibiotic free, milk free, and gluten free, ready for a quick, tasty meal.


Chipolatas: The cocktail sized versions of our traditional pork and veal bratwursts, our chipolatas are filled with the same all-natural ingredients as our bratwurst. We don’t compromise on the meat for these bite-sized brats. Chefs refer to these as mini brats. We refer to them as delicious.


Bison Wiener:  Wild Game Bison Wieners- Fully Cooked and Smoked. Wieners taken to the next level. Strong flavor packed with protein. Contains hints of mustard and black pepper. Can be eaten as a hotdog or center-of-plate treat. NOTE: This product is gluten free and milk free


Chicken Pheasant: Our delicate pheasant and chicken sausage is perfectly blended with spinach, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese for a gluten free bratwurst with no antibiotics, hormones, nitrites, or preservatives. A tasty alternative to the bland chicken sausage, this juicy ground sausage is sure to delight.


Dales Pale Ale: Beer and brats go together. The all natural, antibiotic and hormone free brats of Charcutnuvo have come together with Oskar Blues’ beer of Dale’s Pale Ale for a Colorado pairing resulting in the perfect beer brat. Two trusted names in quality and taste for one incredible bratwurst.


Smoked Bacon with BBQ Sauce: Our newest item now in Whole Foods.  This item is made with Pork and Pederson Farms Uncured Bacon mixed with our special in-house Barbecue Sauce.

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