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Jackalope Brat is No Joke

The pork, antelope, and rabbit found in this all natural brat offers a rich flavor. The added blend of sweet cherries and spice of habanero gives it an unexpected sweet kick. This fully cooked sausage is hormone free, antibiotic free, milk free, and gluten free, ready for a quick, tasty meal.


8 – 10oz packs (Subscription Only)

Jackalope Brat is No Joke

No we can’t list jackalope as the main ingredient in this brat sausage, but we can give you pork, antelope, and rabbit. We can also give some spice that might just make you jump out of your seat, balanced with a hint of sweet.

This may be a unique pairing of flavors, but it is unmatched in the marketplace or the wild. All natural meats made from pork and rancher raised jack rabbits and antelope gives a Rocky Mountain flair to a traditional bratwurst. This is both a gluten free and milk free pork bratwurst sausage that will undoubtedly get conversation going and plates passing at your next feast.

For the adventurer who would like to add some game to his brat, and some heat to his meal, the jackalope sausage is a perfect addition to your all natural menu. Juicy pork, antelope, and rabbit come together with the kick of the habanero and the sweet of the cherries for an unforgettable dinner staple you just won’t believe.

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Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in


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