Imported Bresaola (Similar to Bündnerfleisch)

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No Ordinary Dried Beef

One of our only imported products, this red wine cured and dried beef, called Bresaola by the Italians, is brought to you from Uruguay. Great on sandwiches or sliced paper thin on a charcuterie board you will find this 2.5lb. piece of dried meat similar to Swiss Bündnerfleisch. Vacuum packed and refrigerated this dried beef is on point for your next party.

3 in stock


No Ordinary Dried Beef

Bring a little bit of the world to your next meal. Imported from Uruguay, this Bresaola, a red wine cured, air dried, salted beef is perfect for your charcuterie board. This type of dried beef originated in northern Italy, and is very similar to Swiss Bündnerfleisch. Slice it paper thin and pair it with some cheese, bread, and wine, and you’ll have a delicacy that will turn any evening into a celebration.

This 2.5lb. piece of dried meat comes vacuum packed and refrigerated ready to be thinly sliced. You can serve it on crunchy French bread for a sandwich perfect for an al fresco picnic. Though this product is manufactured by Bernina, we know you will love every bite. Charcutnuvo only brings you the best, even when we don’t make it in house.

Slightly reminiscent of prosciutto, this all beef dried meat is a specialty we are sure you’ll enjoy. Please note this product does contain sulfites. It is an exception to our offerings in many ways. Charcutnuvo is known in part for our European meat offering. We wanted to include this Bresaola/Bündnerfleisch on our menu of options to bring a bit of Northern Italy flavor to your kitchen.

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