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This carefully curated, six-product bundle brings the best of continental European classics right to your door. It’s a charcuterie lover’s delight and will comfort to any gathering!


Fleischkaese : A traditional Swiss loaf made with finely chopped natural beef, veal, and pork, this specialty food is also known as Swiss Brand Loaf or Leberkaese. Delicately smoked and made with all-natural ingredients, this truly is a loaf of love.

Landjaeger: A dried Swiss beef stick, this sausage consists of coarse ground pork and beef, enhanced with garlic, red wine, and stuffed in a collagen casing. A great snack when enjoying the outdoors or sliced thin on a charcuterie board. No added nitrates or nitrites in this dried meat stick that is tasty and convenient.

Pork and Veal Bratwurst: White Bratwurst made with all natural, antibiotic, and hormone free pork and veal make a traditional Oktoberfest style bratwurst with a fine and delicate texture—almost buttery—containing pork, veal, spices and milk. It contains no antibiotics, no hormones, no nitrites, and is gluten free. No surprise this is our most popular brat.

Smoked Beef and Pork Bratwurst: This classic German brat made from grass fed beef, all-natural pork, and organic spices. Loaded with a rich, smoky flavor, the natural ingredients are there but the sugar, antibiotics and hormones are not. A fully cooked natural brat, this is a quick go-to for the busy weeknight meal.

Chipolatas Cocktail Bratwurst: The cocktail sized versions of our traditional pork and veal bratwursts, our chipolatas are filled with the same all-natural ingredients as our bratwurst. We don’t compromise on the meat for these bite-sized brats. Chefs refer to these as mini brats. We refer to them as delicious.

Liverwurst : Our all-natural liver paté is made with all natural, 100% pork. The coarsely ground liver makes for a spreadable paté and the healthiest and most flavorful version of pork liver on the market. This is your go-to paté for the discerning consumer and palette.

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